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Building Superintendents & Porters You Can Trust

Full-time / Part-time / Temporary & Emergency Coverages 

Verified Team Members & Customizable Plans

Verified Team Members &

Customizable Plans Targeting Your Maintenance Goals

Bringing Solutions to NYC's Maintenance Industry

Providing Easy, Hassle-Free Experience for NYC Property Managers, Landlords, Board Members and Residents

"Super's work quality is inconsistent." 

"Building itself is always very clean and the trash area is neat and tidy.  And the best thing is—he’s there when you need him."

Barbara M.

Shareholder, Upper West Side

"I always have to follow up." 

"It's great to have someone else keep track and be on top of things until it gets done, other than me."

Hannah C.

Owner, Chelsea

"Never picks up / returns phone calls."

"I can't say enough how much I appreciate the prompt response and the clear communication."

Charles B.

Owner, Chelsea

Meet our Team Members

"Terrific! Very high quality, great value for money" -   When there was an electrical issue, Spark's team member knew just what he was doing, was fast, also funny in the bargain!

Susan J . - Board Member in West Village Co-op

west village coop

Susan J.

Board Member in West Village Coop

Stacey M.

Property Manager in East Village Co-op

"Great to work with. Excellent Team of Professionals" Spark Office has helped me from dealing with small repairs, emergencies to major basement reconstruction. They always put their customers first."

Stacey M. - Property Manager in East Village


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