Calculator Upgrade (1.1) – A New Feature You May Love

calculator for building superintendent salary

Calculator Upgrade (ver 1.1) – A New Feature to Bring You More Super Lovin'  

Add more hours to your Weekly Plan

      We just added a new feature to our "Super" Calculator that computes any additional hours you may need for your building over and beyond the fixed number that the Calculator estimates.

      Until putting in question no. 12, the Calculator estimated the number of hours that a building minimally needs per week for part-time Super care. No. 12 was added because some buildings have needed or asked for more than the minimum. Building managers have asked for a price that includes more hours, say, for more cleaning tasks. 

      So, see the preview below. Now, you can do it yourself. Just add the number of hours you need on top of the minimum hours estimated by the Calculator to get the total weekly hours desired. The price will vary depending on your primary plan. 

      Please let me know of any issues with the Calculator. Feedbacks are much appreciated!

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