What does the Super Plan Cover?

Generally, you’re covered for the following things. We’re a one-stop super, so you don’t have to look elsewhere.

  • Handling Maintenance- Ordinary, Preventative, Seasonal maintenance These include replacing blown light bulbs, lubricating locks, flushing boilers, checking roof drains, and, as a seasonal task, clearing snow.

  • Repairs/ handyman, like clearing a clogged drain, replacing a light fixture or a toilet

  • Diagnosing problems. Troubleshooting issues, finding and fixing maintenance problems quickly and efficiently and before it becomes bigger. For instance, a water leak. Helps save money that comes with calling in the professional contractors.

  • There’s cosmetic improvements, keeping things looking sharp and well-cared for, such as painting upkeep for the lobby and hallways.

  • Your building super also serves as your “Eyes and Ears.” Included in this is monitoring and supervision events at the building. Things under this category are supervision of outside contractors and important building projects. It also includes everyday things like move-ins and outs, observing if building rules are being followed, or looking out for any suspicious activities.

  • For a more detailed list of tasks, please reach out to us!

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