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Interactive Workshop Series – Build your Own Payroll Budget

Super Porter Doorman handyman calculator interactive

Interactive Workshop "Do-It-Yourself" Series:

#1. Building your own Staff Payroll Budget


Use this Calculator to learn what you should be paying your Super, Handyperson, Porter and other staff members. Compare it to the rest in your industry!

     Payroll calculations can be confusing. And with the new Prevailing Wages Laws, there's more confusion these days about how much to pay an employee or the benefits he or she is entitled to. 

      So, we created the industry's first Prevailing Wages Payroll Calculator. We also created the first payroll calculator when it comes to paying the Building Super, and also porters, handy person or door person in our industry. 

      These payroll calculators can help you figure out which benefits your employee is entitled to, and what they mean in terms of yearly costs, and even cost per hour for your employee. With this information, you can benchmark payroll expenses down to the unit cost, which is instrumental in predicting your expenses and managing budgets.

      Know these numbers will help you figure out: 

  • whether to hire an employee, a temporary staff member, or an outside staffing company;
  • how many hours are in the budget available for staffing needs; and
  • how competitive your compensation needs to be in order to get the best Supers, porters, handyperson and doorpersons in the industry.

So, what's different with our new interactive calculator?

      But we thought we could make this calculator even better for you.   

      We know that a typical property manager or board member is tied up with numerous tasks. Moreover, not everyone is suited for numbers, formulas and calculations.  So, for those of you who have to make a quick decision about staffing needs can benefit from our "at-a-glance" interactive calculators. 

      With this information, you can see what combination of factors meet your ideal situation.   

      See how it works below:

Payroll Interactive Calculato fro building Super and Porter

      And there's more. We gathered information to help give you more control over your decisions. 

      Now you can compare your calculations to other similar situations within the same industry. Learn what others are paying in your industry for a Building Super, porter, handyperson or doorperson. 

      If you have any questions, reach out to me at      

How can we help you? Use FREE Tools for Co-ops and Condos

      Below are some tools to help you on your way to turning your Prevailing Wages expense into an investment. 

Co-op Board Tools and Checklists:

Find Your Building's Total Cleaning Time

In order to know whether your staff's schedule is optimized to the correct number of hours, compare your building to others in NYC. Use our Calculator to find your building's total time required to clean the common areas, sidewalk and handle your residents' trash and recycling.

The Complete Cleaning Checklist for your Building Super

We've created the ULTIMATE checklist to keep your staff focused. Customize it for your building! 

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