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Building Super Angel Quinde Proudly Presents:

Angel Quinde

Building Superintendent, West Village, NYC

        We're happy to introduce Angel Quinde. He joined our Super Network (building superintendents in NYC) in October 2017. Since then, his primary coverage is the West Village, although he has assisted supers all over Manhattan. 

     Although Angel lives in Queens, he is not a stranger to Manhattan. As a project manager for twenty-five years prior to joining our network, Angel was involved with countless renovations and construction projects all throughout Manhattan.

     Angel commutes from Queens to service his buildings, often working late to make sure that everything is secure for the residents. Although he's garnered much praise for his work as a building superintendent, Angel actually started in the construction industry. Behind Angel are the experiences of:

  • 15 years in construction project management
  • Hands-on experience with carpentry, electrical, plumbing
  • Exterior and interior work
  • Supervision foreman

     Below is the full transcript of our interview with Angel. If you'd like to see the full video, click here. 


Stairway Renovation Spark Super Angel Quinde
Kitchen Renovation Spark Super Angel Quinde

1. How long have you been a super?

In the field of super, about a year. 

2. When do you feel proud about being a super?

Connecting with people and being able to feel up their needs, what they actually, need so we can be able to help them out. 

3. What are important personal traits of a super?

[He] has to have a good attitude, good personality, actually, who wants to work. They want to drive.. they want to learn the field. Most important thing, they've got to be able to be .. be able to be teachable. So, once he's been teachable, so later on, in the field, he can be able to teach someone else. So that's something important.

4. What was your background before becoming a super?

I've been in construction for twenty-four plus - twenty-five plus - years already. I would say, you know, on the construction business,  I started from the bottom, and started all my... doing the labor work and stuff and then I started escalating little by little . I did, you know, all the carpentry work and... mostly I've been doing, my construction life is, interior work, interior renovations. So, that's what.. I've been involved with that. And, little by little, I started managing the jobs and, you know, they said if I can be able to manage the jobs and I said, yeah, no problem. Then, I've been doing that, you know, for the last, I would say maybe for the last twenty years being managing the jobs.

Refinished floor Spark Super Angel Quinde
Construction job by Spark Super Angel Quinde

5. What experiences have you had with buildings in NYC?

I've been doing thousands and thousands of renovation apartments in the entire New York City. And, you know, I lost count of how many apartments I've been doing already, but, yes, it's been a great experience.

6. How has your past helped you as a super?

Because I've been working in a lot of different buildings as well, you know, in the construction and, you know, meeting people, meeting supers, you know, that's what I've been doing a lot, so this is, you know, being a super now, you know, is not really, like, you know, something really new for me. Actually I knew basically the field.

5. What makes you happy as a super?

To me, you know, the most experience that I have been, you know, all these business and construction business, as a super as well, now, is when you have your customers saying, you know, comes to you and says, you know, and gives you a thank you. That, to me, is more valuable than anything, [even] besides you know money-wise, besides anything else. When the customer actually feels he's been served, he's been given what he asked for. And, that is very important for me: to make sure that customer is 100% happy with it.

Family photo of Angel Quinde Spark Super

6. How is your typical weekend like?

I've been working in construction, like I said, for so many years so I've been contacted by a lot of people. And I was doing, you know, on the weekends, construction, as well, on my own. I was doing a lot. But, I have my family as well. I have my wife, I have my four kids. And, very much, there was a time, basically, I wasn't giving, uh, I would say, quality time to my family. I realized that and I said "no," money is not everything. So, I realized that mostly, you gotta give some... especially when you have family, when you have kids, you gotta give quality time for them. And not just time, but quality time, you know.

Spark Super Angel Quinde and Daughter Photo of Graduation

7. Tell us about your family:

Like I said, I have four kids: I have two daughters, two boys. And I have my daughter. She already graduated from her college with her Masters [degree]. And, she's a psychologist now. And, she has two majors, actually. But, now she's working on the field, she has her own job, she's working, um, she has her own office and stuff like that. So, I'm happy with her (chokes). So, I'm really happy with her, all her accomplishments. Yeah, she's doing that, she's doing very good.

     Then, I have my two other kids, uh, actually, one is twenty, the other is 18 at the moment. So both are going to college now. One already started... one is already in 2nd year college, the other one is gonna start it now, college. And then I have my other daughter who is 15 year old. She's in high school. I believe she's doing very good (chuckles).