Repairs & Home Improvement Services For Residents


 As your building super, we take care of your safety, comfort and happiness inside your home. We know your space is important, so we want to make it as joyful as possible so that you just love being inside your home.

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A clogged toilet, a light fixture that's not working, brown water coming from your sink, etc., your super can fix them for you!  

Home Improvement

Looking to redoing your whole kitchen, painting entire wall for yourself or your tenant? Your super can help. Click here to learn more

Furniture / Appliances

Just got a new TV but it won't hang itself, right? Assembling and installing things aren't always as easy as seen on the instructions. Let your super help you.

Why choose your Super?

Super you can trust

 We take care of your building 24/7, so know what's safe and compliant with your building.


and Verified

Our partners have years of professional experience in construction, and/or as specialized repairmen and general contractors.

No one's home?

No problem.

When you are out, we provide photos and videos so that you can keep track of the work and compare before/after.

After the Service

Anything wrong with our services? You can rely on us to make things right.  See our 110% guarantee.