“I created it because there’s a lot of confusion about the law,” Park says. “The text is vague. The Calculator helps boards and their managers understand that the prevailing wage is not just about the hourly pay rate. It includes supplemental benefits that are intended to cover such costs as health care, pensions, travel a... Read more

“We’ve had an uptick in calls from management companies that handle large buildings,” says James Park, president of Spark Super, a third-party staffing company. “They’re trying to get quotes on the price of replacement workers. The consensus... Read more

And no wonder: demand for part-time supers – not quite a live-in superintendent, but more than a once-a-week porter – is growing. The reason is clear: financially, full-time supers don’t... Read more

At bigger buildings – such as the 180-unit Penny Lane co-op in the Murray Hill section of Manhattan – a live-in super and a dedicated staff are key to keeping the building clean and the systems running smoothly... Read more

Sometimes, boards specify that they want to see a single familiar face as their part-time super, says James Park, the owner of Spark Super, an agency that provides contracted super services. The agency is willing to accommodate such requests... Read more

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