"Temp" Building Staff for Hire

Is your Super, Handyman, Doorman or Porter going on vacation? Is a critical staff member taking sick leave or going on disability? Do you need staff coverage at the "last minute"?  Don't leave your building and its residents out on a limb until they return. Have our experienced and motivated team members cover your staff's absence and give your residents and staff a peace of mind.

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Why "relief" coverage is critical

    Losing a staff member, even for a day or two, can disrupt the flow of a building's maintenance operations and also place enormous burden on your building staff who have to pick up the slack. 

     Having an experienced and trained relief coverage in place can keep important tasks that impact resident safety, comfort and welfare from falling through the cracks. Keep things running smoothly with our unique team of experienced Building Superintendents, Resident Managers, Porters, Handymen and Doormen.

     Whether it is "last-minute" emergency coverage that you need or you are just planning for an upcoming opening, give us a call. We have the perfect plan (and team member) that fits any situation. 

White glove building super

"White-Glove" Experience

Our relief building staff have trained in NYC's high-end buildings and are experienced with providing a white-glove, luxury level service. Whether your building is less than 50 units or more than several hundreds, our staff is ready to come with a great attitude, deliver professionalism with amazing courtesy, and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

White glove building super
24/7 building staff temp service

24 / 7 / 365 Emergency Relief

Need someone right away?

Call us. Done. 'Nuff said. 

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 Support & Supervision

You're never in this alone. We know that it can be nerve-racking with new staff members inside your building. That's why our relief staff members are closely supervised throughout the relief period so that you don't have to.  Our supervisors are top resident managers with plenty of experience leading and managing building staff. 

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day night relief building staff

Day - Night - Weekends

Flexible Shifts

Nothing is more convenient than being able to choose the staff member for any shift , whether its day, evening or night. 

Our team members are available to serve you on weekends, holidays and whenever else you are in a pinch.

Advanced Troubleshooting

A knowledgable super can save a building thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs every year.

Diagnosing issues quickly and accurately is where your super's at his or her very best and can prove his weight in gold.

Paying relief building staff

Flexible payment options, Paypal

We can work with any budget. We also accept a wide variety of payments from Paypal to credit cards.  Can't pay now? We offer payment plans that can allow you access to our services without impacting your bottom line until you're ready .

Paying relief building staff

Runs 365 days per year.

No-interruption service. 

No need to find vacation, sick day or personal day coverage.

No need to pay double for salary and substitute coverage.

"Completely Satisfied" - Office team did a great job coordinating the plumbing appointments and even helped resolve a problem arising from an unexpected delivery. The guy was prompt, courteous and did a neat and workman like installation of the within the estimated time."

Beth M . - Board President in West Village Co-op

Beth M.

Board President in West Village Coop

Pamela B.

Resident in West Village Coop

"Prompt and professional service" - I was very satisfied with SparkSuper's reliable service when I needed immediate access to my unit. I would highly recommend Spark to my colleagues!

Pamela B. - Resident in West Village Co-op

Tackle problems with technology

GPS Clock-in / out

Want to know whether your porter showed up to work?  Confirm with our GPS monitoring.

Instantly change or edit tasks through app

Add, remove or edit your porter's task by using your smartphone app. 

Live Alerts & Reports

Get live reports, photos and videos of building conditions, whether it's overflowing garbage or something more serious. 

coordinator building superintendent

Talk to Experts 24 / 7 / 365

Customer service and interfacing with residents , which includes answering resident calls, whether it’s a complaint, request, comment or question. Residents also need to interact with their supers when they need help problem-solving a maintenance issue in their apartment or help with a lockout.

Administrative Support

Such as coordinating and scheduling the maintenance activities at the building; creating reports or making orders for supplies; distributing notices to residents; and enforcing building rules and policies.

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