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building superintendent in nyc

Super Interview – Luis Tejada

Meet Luis Tejada, who first started as a porter and continued to worked his way up to a building super; he loves building maintenance and has exceptional caring heart for his residents. He serves buildings in East Village and West Village area. 

part time building super - sparksuper

How to Hire a Part-time Building Super in NYC – Part 2

What does a Building Super acutally do?

So, you’re looking for a part-time super. Whether this is your first time, or you’ve done this many times before, you’ve probably learned, or are learning, that the most critical factor in finding, attracting and keeping an exceptional super is defining and setting clear expectations of...

holiday tip for supers

How to tip part-time Super or porter on Holiday Season

Tips on "tips" on Christmas for NYC Co-ops and Condos

This time of the year, the one question that I'm asked about frequently is holiday tipping: mainly, who to tip and how much, whether to tip us individually or as a group. I can see where it can get confusing for many of our residents. Ordinarily...

steam radiator

 5 Steps to Healthy Steam Radiators

A simple health checklist for your steam radiator from air valve to supply valve

 Every year, at about this time, we receive many calls about the steam radiators acting strangely.  Residents hear loud banging in their heating pipes, feel too much or no heat at all.  In many cases, we receive calls about water leaking from the supply valves or the air...

building emergencies

Help 101!
Your Complete Guide to Building Emergencies

with Emergency Protocols for Your Building and Residents

As we head into the winter season, the number of after-hours (weekend) building emergency calls we receive drastically goes up. From lockouts to water leaks to heating issues, we’re coordinating these emergencies at all hours of the day an...

Super Interview: Victor Santos

We're happy to introduce VICTOR SANTOS. He has been on our Super Network since 2013. Since then, his primary coverage is Queens, although he has assisted supers all over NYC. 

Super Interview: Angel Quinde

Meet Angel Quinde. He joined our Super Network in October 2017. Since then, his primary coverage is the West Village, although he has assisted supers all over Manhattan.

Learn the Dirty Truth Behind Cleaning NYC Buildings

[And Make The Perfect Cheat Sheet That Solves It,

Even On a Part-Time Budget]

(PART 3: Anchoring the Schedule)

  We've made it to the home stretch together to create a porter/cleaning schedule that is intelligently designed and practical for any Super to adopt and perform with ease.

 So, what do we need for the final stretch?

Learn the Dirty Truth Behind Cleaning NYC Buildings

[And Make The Perfect Cheat Sheet That Solves It,

Even On a Part-Time Budget]

(PART 2: Put first things first)

 In Part 1, we created a complete list of cleaning tasks for your new Part-time Super. It covered everything in the building following the WELL principle...

Learn the Dirty Truth Behind Cleaning NYC Buildings 

[And Make The Perfect Cheat Sheet That Solves It, 

Even On a Part-Time Budget]

(Part 1 - Getting it all down)

 Cleaning is probably the most overlooked and undervalued part of discussions when hiring a part-time super. It’s easy to think that nothing could go wrong with cleaning - until things do go wrong. In our interviews of many Boards and building managers...

Congratulations! You’ve found a promising part-time super applicant looking to start right away… now what?

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