Emergency Response Service

Who do you call for your building emergencies?

Electrical outage, lack of heat / hot water, apartment lockouts, and other unexpected issues are often inescapable realities of living in NYC residential buildings.  Sparksuper.com offers a network of supers who are local and experienced to respond to your building emergencies quickly and professionally.

Our emergency service runs 24 hours, 7 days and 365 days per year.

Through weekends, holidays, non-stop.

West Village - Wilton 

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West Village - James

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So, why building emergency service?

A primary difficulty for many buildings in NYC on part-time maintenance plans is finding a super to respond to after-hours building emergencies.  

Sparksuper.com offers an emergency response plan to co-ops, condos, and single and multi-family apartment owners looking for supers who are local, experienced and available to respond to building emergencies. 

This plan can be purchased separately. No need to purchase a super or porter plan.

Holidays, Weekends, 24/7

Like our porter and super services, our emergency service doesn't stop while your super is on vacation or is out sick. Through holidays, weekends, or any other situation, you can be assured that our team will be on-call to respond to your emergencies.  


Apartment lockout or boiler problems? Emergency responders are chosen based on the level of skill necessary to resolve the emergency situation as successfully as possible. 

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Accurate Reporting

Before / After

Emergency response doesn't always end with stopping the emergency or fixing the problem. It requires properly documenting the emergency from beginning to end, as well as carefully noting any follow-up steps needed.

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Direct Hotline

Residents can call us directly and talk to someone who knows.

Our call centers are not third-party answering service. Our dedicated numbers reach experienced team members who can understand the nature of your building emergency and follow emergency protocols set by the Board.

Runs 365 days per year.

No-interruption service. 

No need to find vacation, sick day or personal day coverage.

No need to pay double for salary and substitute coverage.

What are covered?

  • Apartment lockouts
  • Lack of heat and/or hot water
  • Plumbing failures (drain stoppage) 
  • Electrical
  • Door locks
  • Water Leaks
  • Gas smell
  • Elevator breakdowns
  • and more. Just ask us

Tackle problems with technology

GPS Clock-in / out

Want to know whether your porter showed up to work?  Confirm with our GPS monitoring.

Change or edit tasks through app

Add, remove or edit your porter's task by using your smartphone app. 

Live Alerts & Reports

Get live reports, photos and videos of building conditions, whether it's overflowing garbage or something more serious. 

"Quick problem solvers" - I was out of town when suddenly there was a leak from unit. Moreover, it was hard to reach people because it happened over the weekends. When I called Spark Super, the situation got handled right away and thanks to them,  I could avoid thousands of unexpected bills.

John B. - Board Member in West Village Co-op

John B.

Board Member in West Village Coop

Bethany G.

Resident in East Village Co-op

"Unique yet reliable and trustworthy customer representatives"- Very responsive; having a unique system for handling lockouts was a great idea. I am very satisfied with the service and would definitely use them again.

Bethany G. - Resident in East Village Co-op

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Talk to Experts 24 / 7 / 365

Customer service and interfacing with residents , which includes answering resident calls, whether it’s a complaint, request, comment or question. Residents also need to interact with their supers when they need help problem-solving a maintenance issue in their apartment or help with a lockout.

Administrative Support

  • Administrative support: coordinating and scheduling the maintenance activities at the building
  • Creating reports or making orders for supplies
  • Distributing notices to residents
  • Enforcing building rules and policies.

Why not start now?

Watch this video to understand what your building super's roles should be.

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