"Creating the best super experience for NYC buildings strapped to a part-time budget."

 In NYC, there are untold number of buildings without a full-time or “live-in” super, and many more every year that are either transitioning to part-time coverage or being newly developed with a part-time super plan in place. While the goal behind this movement is to save money, these part-time buildings then experience a new set of difficulties:
  • Finding honest, reliable and capable, yet part-time, supers on the right budget
  • Keeping up important quality-of-life services, such as 24/7 emergency response when the super is not onsite
  • Managing his quality or consistency of work, week after week
  • Finding coverage when your super is sick, on vacation, or just wants a personal day off

      At SparkSuper.com, we (perhaps stubbornly) believe a part-time arrangement doesn’t have to mean suffering from diminished services or facing uncertainties and difficulties mentioned above.

We work hard to find and connect you to the best local supers. Leveraging a super’s availability and unique set of skills and talents, we strive to create teams that ensure year round maintenance coverage with consistently great results and on a budget that fits each customer.

How do we do this?

 It’s true that great supers are very hard to find. We know it because we’ve been out there with them everyday since 2012 to learn when they perform amazingly and reasons when they don’t.

      In an industry where the super’s pay is tight and her responsibilities and pressures can be demanding, we’ve learned that great, consistent results is not only based on pay rate. Great supers also need:  

  • To collaborate with others in his field
  • To be respected
  • To be recognized for good work
  • To be challenged
  • To learn more skills

      Because the problem of attracting and maintaining a great super can’t be solved without addressing her needs above, we look to continually develop an environment where supers can find exciting challenges, expand their knowledge and skill set and feel rewarded for their value provided.


      Our job is to deliver you the best super experience by unlocking the possibilities of local supers and at a cost that makes great sense.

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