Porter Service / Cleaning without interruption

A clean building is basic to promoting the health and happiness of residents. That's why we make sure our porters are experienced to clean and professional.  And, we've created our porter system to ensure that cleaning is performed consistently and reliably without interruption or surprises.

 With our porters, your building is a safe, comfortable and healthy for your residents.

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what are covered by building Porters?

      Building porters serve an important purpose that's often understated. Not only do they keep common areas clean and manage the trash and recycling, but they're also at the frontlines of health and safety for residents and their guests.  

      A porter's work helps keep vermin problems under control and they are often the first staff to notice hazardous situations, like malfunctioning equipment.


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Cleaning Common Areas

Great living experiences start with a consistently clean environment. Our porters are experienced in cleaning residential buildings and making sure that your building is getting the "TLC" that your residents deserve. 

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Garbage & Recycling

Making sure your trash and recycling is properly collected, sorted and removed from the building is not only about promoting hygiene and health in the building, but it's also the law, subject to hefty fines.

Our porters are experienced in dealing with this part of maintenance from A to Z so that you don't have to.

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Delivery Packages, Boilers & Drains

Our porters perform light maintenance, such as on roof drains and boiler, so that the super can concentrate on other priorities for the building. They also bring delivery packages inside apartments. 

tasks for a building porter
tasks for a building porter

Runs 365 days per year.

No-interruption service. 

No need to find vacation, sick day or personal day coverage.

No need to pay double for salary and substitute coverage.

Tackle problems with innovative solutions.

GPS Clock-in / out

Want to know whether your porter showed up to work?  Confirm with our GPS monitoring.

Instantly change or edit tasks through app

Add, remove or edit your porter's task by using your smartphone app. 

Live Alerts & Reports

Get live reports, photos and videos of building conditions, whether it's overflowing garbage or something more serious. 

"Finally, peace of mind" - I  was recommended Spark Super by another coop board member in the neighborhood when I was struggling to find a reliable porter for our 15 unit coop. Their price is pretty reasonable and also, whenever we need extra help with move-ins and move-outs, or in case of unexpected emergencies, gives me a relief that I know who to call for.

Catherine L. - Board Member in West Village Co-op

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Catherine L.

Board member in West Village Coop

Gus M.

Board Member in Upper West Side Coop

"Perfect for vacations and holidays" - Spark Super was the best choice when we were looking for someone to assist our existing super for the cleaning during the weekends and holidays. Now we don't have to worry about finding someone when something happens to him."

Gus M. - Board Member in Upper West Side Coop

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Talk to Experts 24 / 7 / 365

Customer service and interfacing with residents, which includes answering resident calls, complaint, request, comment or question. Residents also need to interact with their supers when they need help problem-solving a maintenance issue in their apartment or help with a lockout.

Administrative Support 

  • Administrative support: coordinating and scheduling the maintenance activities at the building
  • Creating reports or making orders for supplies
  • Distributing notices to residents
  • Enforcing building rules and policies.

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