Are cleaning supplies, tools and materials included in your weekly fee?

Any tool, equipment or supplies needed on a regular basis for your super’s routine performance of duties are not included in our fee and must be provided by the building. Such items are:

  • mop
  • broom and dustpan
  • paper towels/ rags
  • vacuum
  • garbage and recycling bags
  • cleaning solutions
  • safety gloves
  • snow shovels and ice melt
  • batteries for the smoke/ carbon monoxide detector

 In order to give your super the right tools and materials he needs to get the job done successfully, we ask that these items are made readily available and, if missing, provided promptly so as to keep his or her work flowing without interruption. We’ll let you know such items run low and when your super will need them.

If you prefer, or in the case of emergency, we can also provide these items to the building. When we do, we attach a small fee to our purchase cost to cover some administrative coordination and for the upfront use of our credit.     

 For most jobs, such as repair work, your super will bring and use his own tools related to the work, such as a hammer, screwdriver and wrench, which won’t be charged to the building.  Rental tool cost, supplies and materials, on the other hand, may or may not be included in the overall price, so please feel free to check with us beforehand. 

 For any supplies and materials that are purchased by the building for building use will be kept orderly by the super and properly accounted for. Tools purchased by the building will be kept in proper working condition.

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