I have a pet in my home. Will it be okay to leave him/her in the house with the Super?

      We love pets! And we know how important they are in your lives. However (we hate this word, too!), we ask that you find alternate accommodations for your pet while the Super is inside your apartment. There are various reasons for this. For instance, the Super may think your pet is soooo cute that he loses sight of finishing his work on time. Or, he may have a strange allergic reaction to Fluffy rubbing up against his leg. Sometimes, a stranger’s presence may just stress your pet out and make him feel miserable. All are things we don’t want happen.

      So, if you have a pet, just let us know and we can help with some suggestions. Perhaps you can place him/her in another room, with closed door, while the Super works. Or, we can reschedule for another time when your pet is out of the apartment. 

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