I’m worried about rising costs so how can I keep emergency costs low? Are there any alternatives?

If you’re concerned about the costs but worries , here’s what you can do:

First, check back 1 to 3 years and see what kinds of emergencies and related costs your building has had. Ask yourself, what kinds of emergencies were these (for example, water leaks, lockouts, heat complaints). Next, could any of these have been prevented by a vigilant building staff member prior to the emergency; or could the emergency have been stopped or solved quickly right there and then, and then repairs held off until the next business day?

In reality, based on our data, emergencies don’t occur as often as you may think, and many emergencies can be resolved rather inexpensively. There’s just too many cases to go over here to show how this is true, but feel free to reach out to us and we will provide some great examples from over a 20 years of experience dealing with building emergencies.

We can also help you save money by teaching you how to use our remote problem-solving option as much as possible. Learn and implement our critical protocols for handling emergencies (we’ll help you with how-to videos customized for your building).


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