My building residents are a little nervous about strange faces in the building. Do we get to know who our Super or Porter is? Will we get one person or different people taking care of the building?

Your building will be assigned a dedicated super or porter with a professional track record. He/ they will be your primary Porter or Super. However, when your primary Super or Porter is out sick, on vacation, or is otherwise unavailable, there may be other porters or supers who fill in for him and pick up his tasks.

While your residents may not be accustomed to seeing new faces in the building from time to time, we highly recommend implementing a team of porters or supers other than the primary Porter or Super for handling the building’s tasks throughout the year.

This reduces the learning curve that’s needed for a backup Super or Porter to become familiar with your building if your primary Super or Porter is out sick, etc.

Knowing your building’s layout and schedule ahead of time, and being able to jump right into the role of the primary Super or Porter, your building maintenance services will be kept going without disruption, no matter what happens.

If your building residents are sensitive to these personnel changes, we can send all residents a notice of the new team member(s) with photos and background profile in advance of the service.

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