Who will be coming into my home? Do I have to leave my key with someone?

      Generally, if we’re summoned into the unit on behalf of the Board or by you, then you can be assured that only your super or a trusted member of our team will be entering your home. No one without the proper approval from either you, our office or the Board will enter your apartment without us being present to make sure things go smoothly.

      As for your apartment keys, you should register a key profile with your super so that he has copies somewhere on the premises, as well as any special instructions for entering or exiting your apartment. Then, your super will simply access your keys when you summon us and return them when he is finished. Just make sure you update your key profile as soon as possible, or at least in advance before you schedule us to enter your unit without your presence.  

      Sometimes, there are no key banks on the premises for our supers to access. In this case, it is up to you to arrange to have someone provide us with access into your apartment at the right time.


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